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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas

Research Areas

The Spanish agri-food sector in the context of the Spanish regions. 2020 Report
The Spanish agri-food sector in the context of the Spanish regions. 2020 Report
Project start date: 2021
Year of publication: 2021
Funding institution: Cajamar

The objective of this report is to build an observatory of the agri-food sector in the Spanish regions to offer a comparative view of the situation among regions and the national average. To this end, a broad system of indicators will be created to analyze the different economic aspects of the sector, i.e. production, employment, prices, foreign trade, productivity, competitiveness, etc. Subject to the statistical information available, the observatory will provide information on the entire value chain of the sector, which includes primary sector, processing industry and distribution.

The study will contain a detailed information sheet for each of the Spanish regions with their position in the ranking in various aspects. The period covered begins in 2008 until the last year with available data.

Recommended citation

Maudos, J. (dir.) and J. Salamanca (2021). El sector agroalimentario español en el contexto de las regiones españolas. Informe 2020. Almería: Cajamar Caja Rural.


Universitat de València, Ivie and CUNEF
Universitat de València and Ivie