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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Socio-economic regional differences

The socio-economic situation of a person can vary depending on where they live. The databases included in this section analyze the economic and social differences within territories, on topics, such as education, economic resources, demographics, mortality, migration or social capital.


The restructuring of the Spanish banking industry has led to a drastic cutback in installed capacity, which is reflected in the closure of more than 40% of the branches that were operating in 2008, before the onset of the financial crisis. This drastic cutback has affected people’s access to banking services, resulting in an increase […]
The Ivie and the BBVA Foundation have been working on a project to investigate social capital, a concept that for over a decade has attracted the attention of all social sciences and international institutions given its outstanding potential in development processes. The term social capital highlights the role that cooperation and trust play in obtaining […]
The BBVA Foundation and the Ivie, within its cooperation framework program, have developed several studies on important topics such as educational training, employment and innovation. From this collaboration arises the database Spanish Education Accounts (Cuentas de la Educación en España) which addresses several key issues related to the Spanish educational system: what is its size […]
The aim of this study, sponsored by The Caixa Galicia Foundation, is to analyze the evolution of household spending and the distribution of income in Spain, from both a temporal and territorial perspective. A data bank has been created on household spending which facilitates the study of consumption patterns and income distribution. The study uses data […]
Since 2004 until 2010, the Ivie has been working on the extensive database, Migration in the Valencian Region, a comprehensive database that provides a systematic and updated source of statistical information on the situation of the foreign population in the Valencian Region and Spain as a whole. The latest edition in December 2010 continues the work […]
Life tables are fundamental in providing a numerical representation of the status changes occurring within a population over time. This tool is generally applied to any demographic phenomenon in which, during a given time period, individuals within a population have a known probability of changing status. Ivie researcher Francisco J. Goerlich and Rafael Pinilla have […]
It is for more than one decade now that the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie, under their cooperation framework agreement, have put the focus on demographic analysis, from a more aggregate level to municipal or lower scale. The information offered by the population censuses available and comparable since the end of the 19th century has […]