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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


7 December 2023
Las personas mayores de 45 años, que llevan más de dos años desempleadas, no perciben ninguna prestación, tienen un nivel educativo medio-bajo y son, mayoritariamente, mujeres, cargan con la mayor parte del peso del desempleo en España


1 December 2023
Valencia Monitor
In a recent issue of Valencia Monitor, Ivie researcher Francisco Alcalá warns, that modernizing the institutional environment and improving training by overcoming the inertias of the university system is essential to take full advantage of new technologies
28 November 2023
Políticas públicas
Ivie, as partner of Redev, collaborates in the study that analyzes the outcome of the 457 million euros allocated between 2016 and 2019 to improving the situation of the labor market in Extremadura
22 November 2023
The President of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Eloísa del Pino, and University Professor and health economics expert, Juan Oliva, discussed the pros and cons of Spain’s Law on Dependency in the final dialogue of the 2023 series organized by the Ernest Lluch Foundation and the Ivie
17 November 2023
Observatorio de precios
The annual inflation rate in the Valencian Region remained at 3.5% in October 2023, a number comparable to that of Spain overall, according to the latest data published by the Price-Monitoring Observatory of the Valencian Region
17 November 2023
Valencia Monitor
New article in Valencia Monitor by José Ramos, who considers the skills creative workers possess, as well as the characteristics of companies that promote innovation
16 November 2023
Manuel A. Hidalgo and María Luz Rodríguez examined the effects of demographic transformation on the labor market in the 4th dialogue of the series “Socioeconomic challenges of demographic change”
14 November 2023
New publication
Ramón Areces Foundation and Ivie have developed a synthetic index that measures the quality of employment based on 18 indicators, such as temporary employment, income, accident rates and work hours
10 November 2023
In the 3rd dialogue of the series “Socioeconomic challenges of demographic change”, Sara Baliña and Pablo Simón talked about young people who they consider to be the "most pessimistic young generation in history"

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