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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Observatorio GECE
15 January 2020
In the event, organized by the AEFA, various member firms from the province of Alicante explained their management models, while the Regional Minister for Finance, Vicent Soler, offered the closing words.


23 December 2019
Exports have played a key role in helping Spain see its way out of the recession; its weight of exports in GDP has increased by 8.8 percentage points since 2009, reaching 23.6% in 2018, according to the periodical Essentials
20 December 2019
Foco AVE
One in six firms with ten or more employees in the Valencian Community has an ICT specialist and the percentage of people in the region with basic (or slightly higher) computer skills is 11.3 points lower than in Madrid, according to the latest AVE Focus document
18 December 2019
Spain’s universities and their activity generate 2.12% GDP and 2.56% employment in Spain, according to the report on the social and economic contribution of the Spanish University System, developed by the Ivie for CRUE and CCS
10 December 2019
The BBVA Foundation and the Ivie have organized a seminar to discuss new ways to measure well-being that take into account activities such as leisure time and work done in the home
10 December 2019
What is the value of activities not counted as GDP, such as leisure time or work done in the home? Would it change societies’ concept of well-being if they were included? These questions and others will be addressed at the next BBVA Foundation-Ivie seminar in Valencia
28 November 2019
Spain continues to invest more in tangible assets than in intangibles (65% and 35% of its total investments, respectively), as compared to other EU countries, according to the Cotec Foundation-Ivie report
27 November 2019
According to the latest data published by the SIUVP, women account for 59% of the total number of foreign students enrolled in a master’s degree at one of the five public universities of the Valencian Community
26 November 2019
Spain went from being one of the European countries with the highest level of fertility, to having the second lowest rate among the EU-28, after Malta, with 1.3 live births per women in 2017, as compared to 2.8 in 1975.

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