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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Knowledge economy

In recent years, the Ivie has made inroads into the study of the knowledge economy, a development model considered essential for the future of societies.  The ABACO Observatory of Knowledge-based Activities was the first initiative in this regard, with 200 indicators which are periodically updated, resulting in the progress in the quantification and analysis of the value of economic activities based on knowledge in Spain and its autonomous communities.


ABACO (Observatory of Knowledge-Based Activities) is a joint project of the Valencia, International Campus of Excellence (VLC/CAMPUS), in collaboration with the COTEC Foundation, which aims to become a national reference in the measurement and analysis of knowledge-based activities, as well as to assess their importance and impact in Spain. Its objectives are to find out exactly […]
The book La dimensión de las actividades culturales, creativas y TIC en España (The Size of Cultural, Creative and ICT Activities in Spain), prepared by the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie as part of their joint Economic Research Program, analyzes the main economic macro-magnitudes generated by cultural, creative and technological (ACCT, for their initials in Spanish) […]
The aim of this database, developed by the Ivie in collaboration with the Ramon Areces Foundation, is to quantify the value of knowledge-based economic activities in Spain and its autonomous communities. With this purpose, the database assesses the market value of the contributions of productive factors that add more knowledge to the production system (skilled […]