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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Household investment and capital endowments in durable assets

The book “El equipamiento de los hogares y las dotaciones de capital de las familias en el siglo XXI” (Household equipment and capital stock in the 21st century), developed by the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie within their economic research collaboration program, offers an in-depth look at household capitalization. This work makes an economic assessment, from a national and regional perspective, of consumer durables accumulated by Spanish families over time, thus, providing a broad view of the level of household equipment and its composition. As a result of this research, the database Household investment and capital endowments in durable assets (2000-2017) has been developed.

The database is structured in two main areas:

A1. Household investment in equipment. The first area provides information on household investment in durable goods. The series of investment at current prices (A.1.1) and investment at constant 2010 prices (A.1.2) are presented, covering the period 2000-2017 for Spain and its autonomous communities. Greater detail is provided at national level for investment, which comprises a total of 33 individual goods, grouped into four broad categories: furniture and goods, appliances, vehicles and other means of personal transport, and digital equipment. At regional level, series are available for 11 consumer durables grouped in the same four broad categories as the national breakdown.

A2. Household capital in equipment. The second area includes the main series of net capital stock in durable goods of households (A.2). As in the previous area for investment, the information is presented in current (A.2.1) and constant 2010 terms (A.2.2), and with the same temporal and territorial coverage and detail by type of durable goods.

Recommended citation

BBVA Foundation and Ivie (The Valencian Institute of Economic Research). Inversión y dotaciones de capital en bienes duraderos de los hogares (2000-2017). Bilbao: València, October 2022. Database available at: [consultation: date].