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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Life tables

Life tables are fundamental in providing a numerical representation of the status changes occurring within a population over time. This tool is generally applied to any demographic phenomenon in which, during a given time period, individuals within a population have a known probability of changing status.

Ivie researcher Francisco J. Goerlich and Rafael Pinilla have elaborated the biometric functions of the Life Tables for Spain and its regions, covering the period 1975-2018, as well as their disaggregation by large groups of cause of death. They have also calculated 4 demographic indicators for each year and geographic area:

  1. Average age of population (AGE)
  2. Average-age life expectancy (EVA)
  3. Life potential (PV)
  4. Life potential per capita (PVC)

The database contains period life tables with annual periods for Spain (complete and abridged by five-year groups up to a final open interval of 110 and over), its autonomous communities (abridged to a final open interval of 100 and over), and provinces (abridged to a final open interval of 85 years and older). The first year is always considered separately. The demographic criterion is residence, and they are always calculated for the total population and each sex separately.

The tables have been developed with data from INE’s population estimates. In May 2020, the demographic data has been updated to 2019. Data on deaths are from the Vital Statistics on the natural movement of population (MNP). The microdata can be downloaded from INE’s website, and have been classified by age, period, generation (Lexis triangles) and groups of cause-of-death. The latest available figures correspond to 2018.

Three aspects that distinguish Ivie’s Life table database from INE’s: Ivie’s data is homogeneous since 1975; it is disaggregated by large groups of cause of death; and includes an additional demographic indicator: life potential. Publications:

  • Tablas de mortalidad para España y sus regiones: 1975-2006
  • El potencial de vida y calidad de vida en España en el periodo 1981-1999
  • La evolución de la mortalidad, la esperanza de vida y el potencial de vida en España y sus Comunidades Autónomas a los largo del siglo XX. Metodología y base de datos

* The maintenance and updating process of Ivie’s databases is funded by the Valencian Regional Government’s Ministry for Finance and the Economic Model, through the cooperation agreement signed between both institutions to promote and consolidate the Ivie’s basic and applied economic research activities.

Recommended citation

Ivie (The Valencian Institute of Economic Research). Life table database on Spain and its regions. València, May 2020. Database available at: [consultation: date].