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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Human capital and human development

The databases in this section gather information on employee training, labor market situation and other indicators related to health, education and income that measure the economic development of a country.


This database, which accompanies the book “El valor económico del capital humano en España y sus regions” (The economic value of human capital in Spain and its regions), allows to expand on the limited information existing on this subject for Spain. The territorial analysis it provides on the value of human resources in Spain from […]
From 1994 until 2013, the Ivie and Bancaja Foundation carried out the project Human Capital which included the development of databases with human capital measurements, as well as different research on the link between economic growth and regional development, labor transition and welfare. The Human Capital database contains information that has been updated until the […]
The Human Development Index is an indicator that measures a country’s degree of economic development and combines health, education and income measures. It was first published in 1990, as part of the United Nations development programme, and quickly became more popular than the simple comparison by per capita income, it being a more informative indicator. […]
The Observatory of young people’s transition to the labour market is a data bank developed through the human capital project and which is updated every three years. The study has been carried out since 1996 and is sponsored by the Bancaja Foundation. The Observatory offers information on the integration and evolution of young people in […]