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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas

Research Areas

The Observatory of the Valencian Industry and Economic Sectors
The Observatory of the Valencian Industry and Economic Sectors
Project start date: 2013
Project end date: 2013
Funding institution: Consellería de Economía, Industria y Comercio de la Generalitat Valenciana

The Observatory of the Valencian Industry and Economic Sectors is an advisory body for the participation, consultation, monitoring and evaluation of the Industrial Policy Strategy (EPI Visión 2020). Commissioned by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade and following the work started in 2012, the Ivie has collaborated in the development of the strategy and has taken part in the following activities structured around four parts:

  1. The elaboration of the EPI Visión 2020 strategy through the update of the situation of the Valencian region, the prioritization of actions developed by the working groups, the definition and hierarchization of the strategic axes and action lines, the enumeration of the strategic and specific objectives as well as the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system.
  2. Technical assistance for the monitoring and evaluation of EPI Visión 2020 which guarantees the fulfillment of the priority actions. This task is developed around the Observatory of the Valencian Industry and Economic Sectors along with the Technical Committee of Evaluation and Monitoring of the Strategy.
  3. Technical assistance in the development of a Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3-CV) within the framework of EU’s growth strategy (Europe 2020) by means of a SWOT analysis of the regional economy along with the definition of indicators for the evaluation of the impact and implementation of the strategic actions.
  4. Technical support in the preparation of reports, presentations and treatment of the statistical data requested by the Regional Ministry for the dissemination of the results and activities related to EPI Visión 2020.


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