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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas

Research Areas

IvieLAB. Economic impact of the development of AI (artificial intelligence) in the Valencian Community: Scenario analysis
IvieLAB. Economic impact of the development of AI (artificial intelligence) in the Valencian Community: Scenario analysis
Project start date: 2020
Project end date: 2020
Funding institution: Generalitat Valenciana

The objective of the report is to study the economic impact of AI (artificial intelligence) in the Valencian Community by means of two different approaches. The first procedure is carried out through the elaboration of a Delphi study in which a group of experts of the Valencian AI ecosystem evaluate the possible impact of AI on the Valencian productive sectors. Through this technique, the objective is to identify the scenarios that, according to the experts, are most likely to emerge in the future in relation to the implementation of AI in the Valencian Community, as well as the main obstacles to overcome and the priority policies needed. This technique is based on a constant, anonymous interaction by the experts through a structured questionnaire in which they transmit information and knowledge in order to reasonably predict future trends.

In second place, given the absence of indicators that allow to approximate the implementation of artificial intelligence in firms, the development of a methodology is necessary to identify the firms in the Valencian Community that specialize in artificial intelligence. The creation of an indicator is proposed to measure the number of firms, turnover, financial structure, etc., of companies in the Valencian Community with AI as their main activity. The SABI database will be used to obtain economic and financial information on firms. In addtion, a dictionary of related terms will have to be created to facilitate the search, as well as semantic search algorithms to perform the search. The data obtained will allow to study AI firms in the Valencian Community by analyzing their characteristics and comparing them with the rest of Spain.