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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas

Research Areas

IvieLAB. Recent developments, current situation and socio-economic impact of immigration in the Valencian Community
IvieLAB. Recent developments, current situation and socio-economic impact of immigration in the Valencian Community
Project start date: 2019
Project end date: 2019
Funding institution: Generalitat Valenciana

In recent decades, immigration has been a significant driver of population growth in the Valencian Community. Current economic and social changes have affected migration patterns and foreign population composition and characteristics in the Valencian Community, creating new social, economic and public policy challenges. The objective of this project is to provide a comprehensive view of the current situation and evolution of the immigration phenomenon in the Valencian Community, focusing on how it affects the use of public services and the economy.

Throughout the report, a comparison of the results between the immigrant population and the Spanish population will be made, as well as between the Valencian Community and other Spanish regions. For this reason, an analysis will be carried out on the recent developments of the foreign population and its main characteristics, its contribution to population growth and to solving the aging population problem. Secondly, the features of immigrant people’s households and sociodemographic traits, especially those related to education, health and social services, will be studied because of their relevance to the demand for public services. And, finally, the economic impact of the foreign population will be considered, examining their employment situation, income and consumption levels, wages and the amount of public expenditure they generate.

Recommended citation

Pérez, F. (dir.), I. Antuñano, I. Rosell and J. Salamanca (2019). Evolución reciente, situación actual e impacto socioeconómico de la inmigración en la Comunitat Valenciana. València: Generalitat Valenciana (Informe Entregable n.º 1).


Universitat de València and Ivie
Isidro Antuñano
S2 Grupo
Inés Rosell Quintanilla
Universitat de València and Ivie