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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas

Research Areas

Technical assistance in developing a strategic plan for SERVEF 2020
Technical assistance in developing a strategic plan for SERVEF 2020
Project start date: 2013
Project end date: 2013
Funding institution: Conselleria de Economía, Hacienda y Empleo de la Generalitat Valenciana

The purpose of this collaboration of the Ivie with the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment of the Valencian Government is to participate in the working group Strategy for Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship for the development of the 2020 Strategy of the Valencian Employment and Training Service. The contribution of the Ivie has been to draw up a report on the employment in the Valencian Community with the aim of placing the Valencian labor market in the Europe 2020 context, the Common Strategic Framework (CSF) of the European Union and the priority objectives of the European Social Fund (ESF).

The period studied has been 2007-2013 and the variables included in the characterization of the Valencian labor market have been education, training and employability. Both a longitudinal analysis to understand the factors that have determined the current situation as well as a cross-sectional analysis to place the Valencian region in the national context and with respect to other regions have been performed, highlighting the impact of the crisis.


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