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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas




1 July 2022The European Commission has just released an update of the PREDICT database on the ICT sector developed by Ivie and JRC
28 June 2022GDP per capita of the Valencian Community has increased by 60% since the 1982 Statute of Autonomy was approved, but is far from the Spanish and European average
22 June 2022Catalonia tops the 10th edition of U-Ranking and the new ranking for postgraduate courses, although Madrid concentrates 26% of master's degree students in Spain
17 June 2022Mar Reguant: Climate change is an urgent matter and there is no room for subsidizing fossil fuel companies
16 June 2022Climate change and energy transition
16 June 2022In 2021, the agri-food sector contributed with almost €100 billion to the Spanish economy and generated 2.3 million jobs
16 June 2022Climate change and energy transition
15 June 2022Ivie bids farewell to Dale W. Jorgenson, an economist committed to transforming research into social progress
10 June 2022Javier Quesada, reconocido con la Medalla del Mérito Civil que otorga el Rey
3 June 2022Ivie's 2021 Annual Report now available!
31 May 2022Firms with board of directors are more competitive, offer higher salaries and are more international
27 May 2022Excessive market power of large firms negatively affects wages and increases inequality
26 May 2022Gigantes empresariales, competencia y regulación
20 May 2022CaixaBank and Ivie consider the impact of corporate governance models on firm-level competitiveness
28 April 2022SIOP has granted José María Peiró the 2022 Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award in I-O Psychology
28 April 2022Loans granted in 2021 by Cajamar to companies and individuals generate 9,197 million euros in income for the Spanish economy
28 April 2022Quality of institutions in Spain will need to improve to face the technological, environmental and energy transition
8 April 2022Gobernanza, calidad de las instituciones y prosperidad económica
28 March 2022U-Ranking now offers two guides to help counselors and future students choose the right university degree program
15 March 2022Mercadona generated the equivalent of 2.1% of Spain’s GDP and 3.7% of its employment in 2021
8 March 2022Comprueba si conoces algunas cifras sobre la brecha de género
1 March 2022Caixabank and the Ivie present the new results of the GECE Observatory and examine businesses that can serve as engines of economic recovery
23 February 2022CaixaBank and the Ivie present the new results of the GECE Observatory
22 February 2022The pandemic is putting less pressure on the economy and a quick, but uneven, recovery is expected
22 February 2022Retos macroeconómicos nacionales e internacionales: recuperación, endeudamiento e inflación
17 February 2022Investment in Spain grew by 4.7% in 2021, after partly recovering from the impact of COVID-19 in 2020
7 February 2022IvieLAB analyzes the sectoral impact of COVID-19 on the Valencian Community
10 January 2022The success rate of bachelor’s degree students at Valencian public universities improves by 4 points in the academic course during the pandemic