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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas




22 September 2020Postponed: Conference on Spanish regional funding at the Senate with participation by the Ivie
31 July 2020Ivie collaborates with Airef in the review of transport infrastructure investments included in the 2nd phase of the Spending Review
29 July 2020Exports fell by more than 25% in nine Spanish regions during the pandemic, while Extremadura increased its levels by 4.8%
23 July 2020Matilde Más, new member of the Spanish Government's Advisory Council for Economic Affairs
22 July 2020The Spanish agri-food sector increases its exports by 4.1% in 2019 to reach a record figure of 52,530 million euros
14 July 2020The Spanish education system struggles with e-learning during the COVID-19 crisis due more to lack of preparation and experience than lack of equipment
8 July 2020Spain's low entrepreneurial dynamism will hamper the recovery of jobs lost to COVID-19
1 July 2020The impact of COVID-19 on employment affects both men and women, slowing down gender equality in the labor market
30 June 2020Public universities take the lead in knowledge transfer, while private universities top the ranking in teaching and employability
25 June 2020Exports are estimated to fall this year by 12.7%-32%, but dependence on the European market will help the recovery
23 June 2020Resources put in place for post-COVID recovery must go hand in hand with an evaluation of the results to ensure their efficient use
23 June 2020Afi, ISEAK, Ivie and KSNET present the Network for Good Practices of Evaluation Processes
19 June 2020Francisco Pérez calls for unity among the political groups of the Valencian Parliament to overcome the crisis
16 June 2020With only 23.7% of highly-competitive firms, the post-COVID recovery will be more difficult for the hospitality sector in the Valencian Community
9 June 2020COVID-19 increases the existing gender divide between men and women in reconciling work and family life
5 June 2020Ivie intensifies the use of videos to promote its activities which increased by 25% in 2019
3 June 2020Javier Quesada: "Spain needs to make a better use of its science and technology system to recover from COVID-19"
2 June 2020Better-funded regions in Spain have more resources for regional development policies to overcome COVID-19 than regions with less funding
26 May 2020R&D plays a decisive role in overcoming the crisis, but it accounts for only 1.2% of Spain's GDP compared to 2.2% in the EU
25 May 2020Laura Hernández: “Household consumer spending, one of the economic indicators most affected by COVID-19”
21 May 2020Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis in the Valencian Community
20 May 202027.2% of people affiliated to the Spanish Social Security system have been affected by the impact of COVID-19 on the labor market
12 May 2020Household consumption could fall by 11.8% in 2020, with a projected severe contraction in the second quarter
11 May 2020José María Peiró: "Companies need to prepare themselves and their employees to achieve quality remote work from home"
6 May 202083% of Valencian family-owned trading firms' total employment is concentrated in firms that are more resilient to the impact of COVID-19
5 May 2020In 2019, only 4.8% of employees worked remotely from home, while currently one out of three telework due to COVID-19
30 April 2020The Agri-food sector, considered strategic during the crisis, generates 4.5% of GDP and 4.6% of employment in the Valencian Community
27 April 2020The weight of the most vulnerable groups to unemployment triggered by COVID-19 is greater in the Valencian Community
23 April 2020The severity and impact of COVID-19 have not yet been curbed in Spain, but are slowing down in the Valencian Community
22 April 2020Francisco Alcalá: "The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is intense, but can be overcome if political groups join forces"
21 April 2020Technology at home and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic
16 April 2020Valencian firms need to boost digitization to ease the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis
14 April 2020The costs of the crisis are high but could be managed through budgetary mechanisms based on the principle of solidarity
14 April 2020Enrique Devesa: "Over half of the self-employed workers in the Valencian Community belong to sectors of the economy worst hit by the coronavirus crisis"
9 April 2020Lockdown reduces travel for work reasons by 62.3% but this reduction only accounts for 18.7% of total movements
6 April 2020Francisco Pérez: "Each month of economic freeze could represent a drop of at least 3% in GDP and employment"
6 April 2020Economic impact of COVID-19 on self-employed workers in the Valencian Community
3 April 2020Joaquín Maudos: “Before COVID-19, 14.6% of Spanish firms were financially vulnerable”
2 April 2020The financial health of Valencian firms: their ability to withstand the impact of COVID-19
31 March 2020Economic effects of the coronavirus crisis on GDP and employment in Spain and the Valencian Community
27 March 2020Valencian economy to fall by at least 1.5% because of the new coronavirus
27 March 2020Eurobonds: a necessary step for survival of the EU
26 March 2020The ventilators are here… quick, connect them!
21 March 2020Joaquin Maudos: "This is no time for austerity, now more than ever we need fiscal policy measures"
11 March 2020Mercadona's economic impact on GDP grew by 6% in 2019 to 24,233 million euros
28 February 2020The 2019 Valencia Marathon hits a new economic impact record in tourism spending of 23 million euros, 29% more than 2018
27 February 2020The number of long-term unemployed account for 44.3% of the unemployed in Spain, while differences among regions have almost doubled during the recovery period
4 February 2020José María Peiró receives his third Honorary Degree, the most recent from the Maastricht University
29 January 2020Spanish regions with low OECD PISA results in mathematics also score low in digital skills and competence
23 January 2020The most competitive Valencian family-owned firms stand out for their contribution to employment, although most feature a sole-administrator
22 January 2020The PAC_CV sporting events have boosted tourist spending in the Valencian Community by €21.4 million
15 January 2020The Ivie and Bankia present the GECE Observatory to the Association of Family Businesses of Alicante (AEFA)