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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas





23 December 2019The percentage of exporting firms in Spain has doubled since 2009, but just five firms account for 10% of all Spanish goods sold abroad
20 December 2019The Valencian Community is less prepared to meet the challenges of digitization than other Spanish regions
18 December 2019Spain's universities return 4.3 euros to society for each euro received in public funding
10 December 2019Experts agree that GDP does not accurately measure a nation’s well-being
10 December 2019Seminar: The value of household and leisure activities? Does GDP measure human well-being in a digital society?
28 November 2019Spain increases its investment in intangible assets at a yearly average rate of 3.8%, but still has lower levels than the rest of developed economies
27 November 2019The number of female foreign students studying a master's degree at a Valencian public university has increased 25%
26 November 2019Spain’s fertility rate is the second lowest in Europe, with large disparities across the Spanish regions
21 November 2019Growing longevity poses economic and social challenges for Spain that require changes in its public policies
21 November 2019Seminar on longevity and living conditions in Spain
18 November 2019Las jornadas de ciencia regional de la AECR analizan el impacto de los cambios sociales, tecnológicos y climáticos en los territorios
13 November 2019Talent improves productivity and creates quality employment, but public policies are needed to attract and retain it
12 November 20192019 Ernest Lluch Foundation-Ivie series "The quest for prosperity: challenges of migration".
7 November 2019The percentage of Spanish company profits used to pay off debt has fallen by half since the crisis
29 October 2019With Brexit we learn from a major mistake so as not to repeat it, at the cost of a small degree of pain
28 October 2019Employability for university students varies considerably depending on the degree studied
28 October 20192019 Ernest Lluch Foundation-Ivie Dialogues. The quest for prosperity: challenges of migration
21 October 2019José Luis Escrivá defends the need to improve public policy evaluation in Spain
21 October 2019IvieLAB Conference “Evaluation of public policies: the experience of AIReF” by José Luis Escrivá
18 October 2019Spain's business leaders stress the need to promote the teaching of transversal skills in regulated education
18 October 2019International workshop. Knowledge, innovation and regional development: new evidence
16 October 2019"Diversity is not a challenge, but a structural reality that can generate prosperity if managed properly"
15 October 20192019 Ernest Lluch Foundation-Ivie Dialogues. The quest for prosperity: challenges of migration
14 October 2019Valencian firms need to advance in technology and knowledge to reduce a 1.6-point competitiveness gap with Spanish firms
7 October 2019The small size of firms in the Valencian Community may explain their low productivity levels
26 September 2019Jose A. Herce: "Immigrants who have worked and paid social security in Spain have every right to receive retirement benefits even if they are no longer resident in Spain."
26 September 2019Women have better academic results, but obtain less stable jobs and earn 9.5% less than men
25 September 2019While young people in Spain positively view EU membership, they consider Spain’s influence to be limited
24 September 2019Seminar “Let’s talk about Europe: What kind of Europe do we want?”
20 September 2019Sami Nair: "We are experiencing dramatic moments with migration issues that threaten to tear the EU apart"
19 September 2019Ernest Lluch Foundation-Ivie Dialogues. The quest for prosperity: challenges of migration
18 September 2019Governor of the Bank of Spain takes part in the 10th Conference on the Banking Sector organized by the Ivie
18 September 201910th Conference on the Banking Sector “Profitability of the Spanish banking sector”
8 August 2019The percentage of Spanish households that rent has grown since 2007, but with a difference of 17 percentage points across regions
26 July 2019Services rise to 50% of the value added of Spanish exports compared to 37% from manufacturing
18 July 2019Spain’s total population has increased by 15.4% since 2000, while decreasing in over 60% of its municipalities and 13 provinces
17 July 2019The agri-food sector in Spain is the fourth largest exporter of the European Union countries
9 July 2019Beatriz González: "public health spending has dropped 1.8% since 2009, while private has increased 27%"
9 July 2019IvieLAB lecture by Beatriz González López-Valcárcel “Healthcare Innovation: Towards a Value-Based Healthcare System”
3 July 2019The European Commission has just released a report on structural reforms in Spain developed by the Ivie and NIESR
1 July 2019Valencian public universities generate 1.9% GDP and 2.3% employment in the Valencian Community
27 June 2019The Valencian Community ranks 10th in the talent positioning map for Spanish regions
27 June 2019Women are the main economic mainstay in 33.6% of Spanish households, triple that of 1980
26 June 2019Education for students with disadvantaged family backgrounds is almost exclusively provided by public schools in Spain, especially in less developed regions
25 June 2019Of Valencian family-owned firms, the most competitive (25%) generate more than half of the total employment created by these firms
20 June 2019Emilio Ontiveros: “It is too soon to know the exact scope of automation, if it will take over jobs or simply complement them"
20 June 2019IvieLAB Lecture by Emilio Ontiveros: Digitization and sustainability of the welfare state in Spain
17 June 2019Spain’s business leaders call for a reform of the state's education system
17 June 2019One in four students undertaking a PhD degree in Valencian public universities are foreign students
14 June 2019Spain is below the European average in ICT sector development, but has above average growth rates in employment and value added
5 June 2019Ivie researcher José García Montalvo has been granted the 2019 Rey Jaime I Award in Economics
4 June 2019Activities related to the Valencian language account for 2.1% of the Valencian Community’s GDP and almost 3% of its total employment
4 June 2019University information systems: Rankings and Indicators
3 June 2019The Ivie and Bankia have renewed their GECE Observatory collaboration agreement to analyze the competitiveness of firms
31 May 2019The rate of temporary employment in Spain is almost double than in the EU with regional differences of up to 16 percentage points
30 May 2019The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia generated 134.4 million euros in tourist spending in 2018
13 May 2019The number of activities undertaken during 2018 by the Ivie is three times that of the previous year
9 May 2019Antonio Villar, newly appointed Vice-Rector of the International University of Andalusia
7 May 2019Juan F. Jimeno: "The technological revolution may result in contributory pensions being replaced with a universal basic income"
3 May 2019Daniel Kaufmann: "2% of world GDP is lost to corruption and bribery"
25 April 201933% of university students in Spain do not complete their degree, of which 21% leave the university altogether
24 April 2019The level of education of entrepreneurs and managing directors in the region of Valencia is below that of their peers in Spain
15 April 2019Of Valencian firms aged over 50 years, 60% of family-owned firms export, compared to 45% of non-family-owned firms
11 April 2019Reduced government investment has resulted in aging infrastructures, with 24% having an average age of over 20 years
9 April 2019Vicente Salas: “The proportion of large firms has hardly increased in 20 years and currently accounts for only 0.3% of all firms in Spain”
21 March 2019Feria Valencia (Valencia Trade Fair) generates 515 million euros of GDP and the equivalent of 11,143 full-time jobs in the Valencian Community
20 March 2019Large manufacturing firms in Spain are 47.3% more productive than the average for their sector, allowing them to pay wages that are 26.4% higher than average
12 March 2019Mercadona achieved a turnover of 22,860 million euros in 2018, accounting for 1.9% of Spain’s GDP
28 February 2019The COTEC Foundation and the Ivie have created the first talent positioning map for Spanish regions
28 February 2019Valencian firms have reduced their debt ratio to 21.6% below the Spanish average
27 February 2019Madrid and Barcelona are the cities in Spain with the best quality of life, although smaller ones such as Ibiza and Toledo surpass them in some aspects
21 February 2019Spanish economic productivity has dropped 10.5% since 1995, but has increased 4.5% in the European Union
19 February 2019The 2018 Valencia Marathon generated 3.7 euros in tourist spending for every euro invested in the competition
12 February 2019Only 31% of Valencian family firms have a Board of Directors, compared to 44% of non-family firms
31 January 201965.1% of Spanish youths aged 16-34 years still live at home with their parents
29 January 2019The PAC_CV sporting events have boosted tourist spending in the Valencian Community by €15.7 million
25 January 2019The Valencian Community has recovered its pre-crisis GDP level, but GDP remains 11.6% below the national average


27 December 2018Just over a quarter of master's students —twice as many as undergraduate students— study in a region other than that of their hometown
20 December 2018Happy Holidays!
11 December 2018Mercadona generates 1.8% GDP and 3.7% employment in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha
7 December 2018Mercadona generates 1.1% GDP and 1.8% employment in the Spanish region of Catalonia
4 December 2018Mercadona generates 1.5% GDP and 2.1% employment in the Spanish region of Extremadura
3 December 2018The number of people without access to a bank branch in their town or village increased by 7.7% in 2017
29 November 2018García-Montalvo: “We should measure the results of public housing policy, not the intentions”
29 November 2018The gender gap in pay is 43% lower in occupations that have a similar proportion of men and women
29 November 2018Conferencia IvieLAB. Políticas públicas de vivienda: lo que funciona, lo que no funciona... y lo desconocido
23 November 2018The Spanish Regional Science Association (AECR) has awarded its Regional Science Prize to the Ivie for its contribution to economic research
23 November 2018"The EU must seek greater convergence and should not tolerate certain social floors in any of its members"
23 November 2018The most competitive Valencian family firms are more solvent and more profitable in the long run than the non-family firms
22 November 2018El Ivie participa en las jornadas de ciencia regional de la AECR
22 November 2018Puzzled Europe: A review of imperfect democracy and the European social model by Joaquín Almunia y Daniel Innerarity
16 November 2018Valencian Community closes gap with Spain in innovation intensity
15 November 2018The time it takes for someone hired on a temporary contract to be made permanent has doubled since the crisis, reaching an average of eight years
14 November 2018Challenges of the labor market: inequality and poverty. Sara de la Rica and Aitor Lacuesta
8 November 2018In 2017, Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences generated 133.5 million euros in tourist spending
5 November 2018José María Roldán calls for agility to adapt banking sector regulations to the fast-paced financial technological environment
5 November 20189th Conference on the Spanish Banking Sector
31 October 2018The University of Cordoba returns 2.4 euros to society for each euro received in public funding
30 October 2018Quotas are necessary because although men and women are considered equal, they start out from clearly unequal positions
26 October 2018Improving institutional quality and ending corruption could raise Spain’s GDP per capita by 16% in a fifteen-year period
26 October 2018Seminario: Los costes económicos del déficit de calidad institucional y la corrupción en España
22 October 2018Enrollment in master’s programs in the Valencian public universities has increased by 39% in five years
19 October 2018The Valencian educational system stands out for equality but is weak in aspects such as access to pre-school education and high drop-out rates
19 October 2018Seminario: Oportunidades y resultados educativos en España: diferencias familiares y territoriales
18 October 2018The digital gap in the percentage of Internet users between Spain and the EU-28 no longer exists and differences between Spanish regions have been reduced to one third those of 2008
4 October 2018It is not technology itself that causes inequalities, but the differences across society in abilities to use it efficiently
3 October 2018“Is the digital society more equal?” by Jorge Barrero and Helena Herrero
25 September 2018The Ernest Lluch Foundation and the Ivie have analyzed the problems of a society with rising inequalities despite globalization
25 September 2018Ciclo de diálogos Ivie - Fundación Ernest Lluch
18 September 2018Improving student educational outcomes in Spain depends on managing resources efficiently and guaranteeing equal opportunities
10 September 2018Alejandro Escribá, newly appointed Full Professor at the University of Valencia
10 September 20186.6% of businesses in the Valencian Region are exporting companies, 1.7 percentage points above the national average
6 September 2018Health Science graduates earn 28% more than Humanities graduates, upon reaching their maximum level of income
30 July 2018The percentage of income that Spanish families spend annually to pay their debt service stands at 11.6%, reaching the lowest level since 1999
19 July 2018The University of Valencia has awarded the high distinction Cum Laude to the PhD thesis presented by Ángel Soler, thus receiving the title of Doctor
12 July 2018Spanish welfare expenditure per inhabitant is 50% higher in the Basque Country and Asturias than in the Balearic and Canary Islands
12 July 2018IvieLAB Seminar. Welfare policies in the Spanish State of Autonomies
4 July 2018In 2017, the Spanish agri-food sector increased 3.5% and its contribution to GDP reached a record high of 62,000 millions
29 June 2018Foreign direct investment generates 4.3% of employment in the Valencian Community, 2.2 percentage points lower than the national average
28 June 2018Basic public services expenditure per capita differs up to 42% across regions
25 June 2018Miguel Artola: "During the last 40 years, the growth of wealth in Spain has been based on the increase in real estate prices"
25 June 2018Seminar IvieLAB. The pillars of wellbeing in the 21st century: Lessons from the 20th century
19 June 2018The Spanish university system’s teaching and research performance improved by an annual average of 4% between 2010 and 2016
14 June 2018Twice as many young people among Spain’s poorest population, following a 40% drop in their employment prospects since 2007
12 June 2018Large family-owned businesses from the Valencian Community contribute 14 points more to employment than the Spanish average
11 June 2018Public expenditure in the Valencian Community needs to increase by 2,500 million euros to match the fiscal balance of other regions with similar income levels
31 May 2018J.A. Herce: "The problem with the pension system is our resistance to raising the current retirement age of 65"
30 May 2018Universities that strategically consider employability and focus their initiatives on it have higher rates of employability among graduates
29 May 2018In 2017, the Ivie carried out 45 research projects, 22% more than the previous year
21 May 2018Spain is still below the average European level in ICT sector development, while China and other Asian countries are growing faster than the EU
17 May 2018Eduardo Bandrés: “The protection system isn’t working for the 4.5 million people who live on less than 10 euros a day”
30 April 2018Unit labor costs in Spain have increased 25%, thus losing competitiveness with respect to the European Union
23 April 2018The Provincial Council of Valencia has generated 1,207 jobs in the province of Valencia through its Financially Sustainable Investments Plan
18 April 2018Population with no access to a local bank branch in their town or village has increased 34% since 2008
6 April 2018Capital productivity of firms in the Valencian Community is 9% higher than the national average
4 April 2018The correct application of the current funding model would have reduced regional debt by 84,500 million euros
28 March 2018Women represent 54% of the students enrolled in the Valencian public universities and 56% of young teachers (aged 30-35)
27 March 2018Spain’s GDP would have been 15% higher if all the Spanish regions had improved their productivity at the same level as the more efficient ones
22 March 2018The percentage of foreigners over total population drops 19.6% despite the recovery of the migratory balance
21 March 2018The impact of the regional funding system on the resources of the Spanish regions
16 March 2018The University of Valladolid represents 0.93% of the GDP in the region of Castile and Leon
13 March 2018 Mercadona’s activity generates 1.7% GDP and 3% employment in Spain
12 March 2018Asymmetries in funding accentuate the differences in social care expenditure among Spanish regions
9 March 2018José Manuel Pastor, re-elected Dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Valencia
7 March 2018Joaquín Aldás will be the next Vice-Principal of Strategy, Quality and Information Technologies at the University of Valencia
28 February 2018The 2017 Valencia Marathon generated 20 million in tourist spending, nearly €5 per euro invested in the competition
5 February 2018The debt incurred by the Spanish regions, especially the Valencian region, is the result of financial shortfalls
2 February 2018Endowment per worker in transport infrastructure in the Mediterranean Arc region is 12% lower than in Spain
26 January 2018Early school-leaving rate in Spain is 80% higher than the European average, despite that 7 regions have lowered the dropout rate reaching the 2020 EU objective
24 January 2018Francisco Pérez participa en el XXV Encuentro de Economía Pública
23 January 2018Open call to hire research technicians on staff and external collaborators
15 January 2018The number of runners who frequently use the Valencia 5K Circuit increases
15 January 2018The Valencian Community increases its investment in intangible assets by 30%,a level close to the national average
12 January 2018The Program to Support Sports Competitions in the Valencian Community boosts tourist spending by €16.6 million
9 January 2018Matilde Mas and Javier Quesada present the study on intangible assets applied to the case of Valencia
5 January 2018Las 7 publicaciones de 2017 más consultadas


28 December 2017Since 2009, public investment in educational and health infrastructures has dropped 50% and 37%, respectively
27 December 2017The underfunding of the Valencian region challenges the sustainability of health spending and limits the development of other public services
14 December 2017Mercadona generates 2.1% GDP and 3.1% employment in the Spanish region of Andalusia
30 November 2017The Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarre are the Spanish regions with the highest level of well-being, while people living in the Balearic Islands are more satisfied with life
24 November 2017The experts discussed the role of rankings as tools to improve universities
21 November 2017José Manuel Pastor and Lorenzo Serrano, newly promoted to Full Professors at the Universitat de València
20 November 2017Navarre and La Rioja are the Spanish regions that have better resisted the effects of the crisis on employment, but only the Balearic Islands have recovered to 2007 levels
13 November 2017Bankia and Ivie launch the new project: Corporate Competitiveness Observatory in the Valencian Community
13 November 2017During the crisis, the Spanish regions under the common funding system have reduced by 15% their spending on health, education and social services, as a result of the decrease in their income
6 November 2017The Valencian public universities compensate the decline in income with their own resources, which already represent 23.2% of the total
6 November 2017New website: more visual with new and improved content
30 October 2017International experts analyze the factors that determine and boost productivity
30 October 2017Carmen Herrero, awarded with the 2017 Rey Jaime I Prize in Economics: "Knowledge, research and innovation are the roots of our future"
26 October 2017The Spanish Economic and Social Council (ESC) gives its XXI Research Prize to Ivie’s project on digital economy
19 October 2017El número de universidades privadas se ha multiplicado por cinco en 20 años y ya forman al 16,4% de los estudiantes
16 October 2017El actual sistema exige a la Comunitat Valenciana mayor esfuerzo para alcanzar la media en gasto en educación
20 September 2017The Spanish regions in the common funding system have cut back 2.1% their real expenditure per adjusted inhabitant in basic public services since 2009
18 September 2017Marta Solaz, Ivie economist, obtains her PhD from the University of Valencia
15 September 2017The exhibition Más Europa, más futuro (More Europe, more future) combines data and design to showcase the advantages of the European Union
4 July 2017José María Peiró, named Honorary Doctor by the Universidad Miguel Hernández
22 June 2017The interest margin earned by banks does not cover operating costs
6 June 2017Over 60 world-wide experts meet in Valencia to discuss the future of world trade
6 June 2017Carmen Herrero, awarded the 2017 Rey Jaime I Prize in Economics
1 June 2017The top universities take advantage of the synergies with their environment, promoting better academic results and improving graduate employability
22 May 2017The research work carried out by the Ivie generated more than 2,300 news items during 2016, the year in which it celebrated its 25th anniversary
16 May 2017Visits to the Effort Index website increased 75% in 2016
11 May 2017The European Commission has just released Europe's Digital Progress Report 2017 on the ICT sector based on data provided by the Ivie and JRC through the PREDICT project
9 May 2017Knowledge-based activities represent 60% of the value added of the Spanish economy
4 May 2017The future of statistics will depend on geographically referenced data
2 May 2017The European Commission highlights the SPINTAN project from among those featured in CORDIS
25 April 2017The inclusion of intangibles in the Spanish National Accounts would raise GDP levels by 3.5%
10 April 2017Capital productivity has decreased at a 2% annual rate in the 21st century due to investments in unproductive assets
29 March 2017ICT investment grows in Spain, but the ICT-producing sector represents only 1.6% of the nation’s firms
27 March 2017The 2016 Valencia Marathon generated 3.5€ for every euro invested in the competition
14 March 2017The Valencian public universities have tripled the number of scholarship granted to degree students
21 February 2017A report analyzes the inter-territorial leveling mechanisms to be considered in the new Spanish regional funding model
10 February 2017La Fundación BBVA y el Ivie actualizan la base de datos del stock de capital e incorporan el I+D como activo
6 February 2017SPINTAN has published a database on public sector intangibles with information for 25 countries
31 January 2017Las CC.AA. de régimen común precisan al menos 16.674 millones más para atender los servicios públicos fundamentales


23 December 2016José María Peiró recibe el premio al ‘psicólogo del año’ 2016
15 December 2016Differences of up to 30% exist in public health expenditure per capita among the Spanish regions
5 December 2016José María Peiró ingresa en la Academia de Psicología de España
2 December 2016Experts gathered at the 2016 Cañada Blanch Forum unanimously agreed that the biggest risk of innovation is not innovating at all
28 November 2016La Fundación BBVA y el Ivie analizan la relación entre economía del conocimiento y capacidad para generar renta y riqueza
11 November 2016Paul Schreyer explica cómo calcular el PIB en una economía digitalizada
24 October 2016El alumnado de máster aumenta un 30% en las universidades públicas valencianas
6 October 2016Francisco Pérez proposes a regional financing system for Spain that provides equal access to basic public services
27 September 2016Fedea and Ivie put forward proposals to reform the current Spanish regional financing system
14 September 2016Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, at the tail end in intangible assets' investment
5 September 2016Over 150 experts in banking and finance met in Verona for the 2016 Wolpertinger Conference
20 July 2016Cotec will give financial support to a project on intangibles in Spain at regional level to be carried out by the Ivie
16 June 2016The food and drink industry reaches 95,000 million euros turnover, thus consolidating it as the first industrial sector in Spain
9 June 2016The Spanish banks Bankia and Sabadell analyzed the profitability of banks at the 7th Conference on the Spanish Banking Sector
9 June 2016The Spanish autonomous communities which receive more regional funding have a 94% higher cost in public education per student
6 June 2016The European Commission publishes 'Europe's Digital Progress Report 2016' with information from Predict database elaborated by Ivie
2 June 20162015 Annual Report available for download
27 May 2016Professor Dale W. Jorgenson awarded Honorary Doctor by the Universitat de València
24 May 2016The Ivie participates in the 4th World KLEMS Conference, an initiative based on the analysis of the prospects of growth in the world economy
20 May 2016El Ivie analiza los aspectos económicos del servicio público audiovisual de la Comunitat Valenciana
20 May 2016The Ivie celebrates its 25th Anniversary and presents its commemorative report Twenty-five Years Promoting Economic Research
12 May 201625 years driving Economic Research
6 May 2016La Fundación BBVA y el Ivie analizan el efecto de las políticas públicas sobre la distribución de la renta en España para el periodo 2003-2013
31 March 2016The Spanish public universities located in the large metropolitan areas lead the rankings for their results in research and technology transfer activities
29 March 2016La FEBF otorga su “Premio a la Divulgación Financiera 2015” al Ivie
15 March 2016El Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso deja en la ciudad de Valencia 17 millones de euros
8 March 2016Las Cuentas de la Educación en España 2000-2013, una completa radiografía de los recursos, los gastos y los resultados educativos
5 February 2016The five public universities of the Valencian Community have launched SIUVP, a new website with information on their activities and results
27 January 2016El Ivie es galardonado con el Premio Economía 3 a la Trayectoria Investigadora