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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


The number of female foreign students studying a master's degree at a Valencian public university has increased 25%

According to the latest data published by the SIUVP, women account for 59% of the total number of foreign students enrolled in a master’s degree at one of the five public universities of the Valencian Community

The SIUVP (Valencian Public University System of Information) project created jointly by the Ivie and the five Valencian public universities (University of Valencia, Alicante University, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Jaume I University and Miguel Hernández University at Elche) periodically provides updated information on the universities’ activity.

The SIUVP website has recently updated 28 of its 60 indicators with data on university admission, students, internationalization, human resources and academic results which can be downloaded in CSV format.

The recent update shows that the commitment to attract international students made by the Valencian public universities is having excellent results.  Overall, the number of international students has increased in general for all levels of study, but especially for master’s degrees with 2,737 more students from other countries than in the previous year.  This number accounts for 16.9% of the total number of students enrolled in master’s degrees in the public universities of the Valencian Community. In addition, there has been an increase of 5.9% in the number of students undertaking bachelor’s degrees, which has increased from 4,946 in 2016/2017 to 5,240 in 2017/2018. In the case of Ph.D. students, the number has also risen from 2,342 to 2,460.

Regarding gender, female international students in bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Valencian public universities outnumber males. Compared to the previous academic year, the number of female foreign master’s students increased 25%, reaching a total of 1,613 women, while the number of men increased by 17%, with a total of 1,124.  Therefore, women account for 59% of the total number of foreign students enrolled in master’s degrees. The same occurs with international students in bachelor’s degrees, with 3,212 women and 2,028 men, an increase of 6.4% and 5.2%, respectively.

Meanwhile, in the case of international Ph.D. students, the number of men increased by 6.5%, whereas women increased by 3.6%. However, in absolute terms, the gender gap is smaller with 1,246 men and 1,214 women, which represents 27.9% and 26.6%, respectively, of the total number of Ph.D. students.

27 November 2019