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Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas


Matilde Mas: The economy in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak

Matilde Mas, directora de Proyectos Internacionales del Ivie y catedrática de la Universitat de València, explica las principales consecuencias económicas del coronavirus COVID-19 en el contexto internacional y en España, en particular, y sugiere algunas medidas para paliar sus efectos.


Ivie Researcher, José Ramos, considers the 'glass ceiling' effect, a term that refers to the difficulties that women face to reach the top ranks of management in private corporations and in the public sector.
Video: Enrique Devesa, Professor at the University of Valencia, offers an overview of the problems of the Spanish pension system, considering the differences across regions and comparing it with similar systems in other European countries
José María Peiró, Ivie Researcher and Professor at the University of Valencia, analyzes the transversal competences in demand in today’s labor market and explains how these should be developed at the university
In this video, Joaquín Aldás (Ivie Researcher and Professor at the University of Valencia) summarizes the main results of U-Ranking 2019 and gives detailed information on the university drop-out rates provided in the report
Ivie economist, Fernando Pascual, describes how the talent positioning map for Spain’s 17 regions was developed and summarizes the main conclusions of the study carried out for the Cotec Foundation
Ivie economist, Alba Catalán, analyzes inequalities in the labor market with regard to occupational gender segregation. The gender pay gap is greater between male and female dominated occupations than in jobs with equal share of men and women.
Ivie economist, Juan Pérez, explains how Spain’s regional funding system works and analyzes the differences in funds received among regions that enable them to assume their responsibilities in providing public services
José María Peiró, Professor of Organizational and Social Psychology (University of Valencia) and Ivie researcher, analyzes how psychology contributes to improving management and developing human resources in companies

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