Seminarios Fundación BBVA-Ivie 2008
International economic integration: new methodologies
Valencia, 29 de febrero

Fundación BBVA


Over the last few years, one of the most debated topics in economics has been the advance of globalization and international economic integration. However, to date, no consensus has been reached regarding how exactly to measure the distance to the global village, in which trade can take place between virtually any economic agents in the world, since distance becomes irrelevant. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the state of the art on a variety of methods to measure globalization and international economic integration, since it will only be possible to assess how globalization has impacted on a variety of relevant economic phenomena with the appropriate tools.

With these aims, the topic will be discussed by different people from academia, think tanks, and other recognized institutions. The varied points of view is important, since only by reaching a wide consensus on what the most appropriate methods to measure globalization are, will they get worldwide acceptance and eventually be used extensively.

Although it will be difficult to obtain such a consensus, it will be of great interest to share views on some of the most important methods available to date. This will allow us to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and possibly to determine which methods are better suited to the different types of international integration, i.e., either trade, financial, cultural or political.


9:15-9:30 h: Welcome opening session

9:30-11:30 h: First session: "New indicators of international economic integration"

"Measuring globalization. The KOF index"
Axel Dreher, KOF - Swiss Economic Institut (Switzerland)

"International economic integration using complex networks indicators"
Javier Reyes, University of Arkansas (USA)

"Measuring international economic integration: theory and evidence of globalization"
Iván Arribas, Universitat de València, Francisco Pérez, Universitat de València and Ivie, and Emili Tortosa-Ausina, Universitat Jaume I and Ivie (Spain)

11:30-1200 h: Coffee break

12:00-14:00 h: Second session: "Regional and sectoral dimensions of international economic integration"

"Globalization in services: from measurement to analysis"
Deniz Ünal-Kesenci, CEPII (France)

"Distance matters: the regional dimension in the measurement of international economic integration"
P. Lelio Iapadre, CIDEI Research Center for International Economics (Italy)

"Border effects in trade"
Volker Nitsch, KOF - Swiss Economic Institut and ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

14:00-14:15 h: Closing session


C/ Daniel Balaciart, 3 bajo
46020 Valencia - Spain