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Published articles

Alvarado, A., J.E. Bigné, J. Aldás-Manzano and R. Currás:

  • "A scale for measuring consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility following the sustainable development paradigm", Journal of Business Ethics, 140(2), January, pp. 243-262.

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Arribas, I. and A. Urbano:

  • "Multiproduct trading with a common agent under complete information: Existence and characterization of Nash equilibrium", Journal of Economic Theory, 167, January, pp. 14-38.

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Beltrán, M., E. Reig and V. Estruch:

  • "Assessing eco-efficiency: A metafrontier directional distance function approach using life cycle analysis", Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 63, March, pp. 116-127.

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Carbó, S.:

  • "Mitos y realidades de la digitalización financiera: los medios de pago como paradigma", Mediterráneo Económico, 29, March, pp. 139-149.

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Carbó, S. and F. Rodríguez:

  • "El entorno financiero español ante la activación del Brexit", Cuadernos de Información Económica, 256, February, pp. 15-23.

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  • "La banca española en Europa: de la transición a la acción", Cuadernos de Información Económica, 257, March, pp. 1-9.

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  • "The Spanish banks in a European context: From transition to recovery ", SEFO - Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook, 6(2), March, pp. 17-25.

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Carbó, S., J.M. Mansilla and F. Rodríguez:

  • "Monetary policy, implicit interest rate, and relative net trade credit", Revista de Economía Aplicada, XXV(73), Spring, pp. 21-54.

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Cruz, P. and J. Fernández de Guevara:

  • "Efecto de las medidas del BCE sobre los márgenes de intereses en España", Mediterráneo Económico, 29, March, pp. 151-170.

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Escribá, A., M. Iborra, V. Safón and I. Zaera:

  • "Higher Education in Management: The Case of Spain", in Dameron, S. and T. Durand (eds.): The Future of Management Education. Volume 1: Challenges facing Business Schools around the World. Londres (Reino Unido): Palgrave Macmillan, ch. 5, pp. 139-180.

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Gill de Albornoz, B., S. Rusanescu and P. Cabedo:

  • "Las nuevas normas contables de arrendamientos: causas y potenciales efectos económicos", Estudios financieros. Revista de contabilidad y tributación, 406, pp. 207-246.

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Hernández, B., J. Aldás-Manzano, C. Ruiz and S. Sanz:

  • "Perceived value of advanced mobile messaging services. A cross cultural comparison of Greek and Spanish users", Information Technology & People, 30(2).

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Hofman, A.A., M. Mas, C. Aravena and J. Fernández de Guevara:

  • "Crecimiento económico y productividad en Latinoamérica. El proyecto LA-KLEMS", El Trimestre Económico, 84(334), April-June, pp. 259-306.

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Martí, J., J. Bermejo and J. Aldás-Manzano:

  • "Product placement in video games: The effect of brand familiarity and repetition on consumers’ memory", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 38, May, pp. 55-63.

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Martínez, V., Y. Estreder, C. Moliner, E. García, J. Ramos and J.M. Peiró:

  • "Linking Employees’ Extra-Role Efforts to Customer Satisfaction: Presence Versus Absence of Complaints", Social Psychology, 48(2), March, pp. 104-112.

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Maudos, J.:

  • "El acceso a los servicios bancarios en España: el impacto de la reducción del número de oficinas", Mediterráneo Económico, 29, March, pp. 265-286.

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  • "European banking models: Adapting to a new, complex operating environment ", SEFO - Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook, 6(2), March, pp. 27-41.

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  • "Income structure, profitability and risk in the European banking sector: the impact of the crisis", Research in International Business and Finance, 39 (Part A), January, pp. 85-101.

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  • "Introducción", Mediterráneo Económico, 29, March, pp. 11-31.

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  • "La situación actual del sector bancario español en el contexto europeo", Mediterráneo Económico, 29, March, pp. 77-98.

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  • "Modelos de negocio en la banca europea: cambios recientes", Cuadernos de Información Económica, 257, March, pp. 11-25.

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Narbón, I., M.T. Balaguer and E. Tortosa-Ausina:

  • "Evaluating local government performance in times of crisis", Working Papers, 2017/05, Dpto. Economia, Universitat Jaume I.

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Narbón, I., M.T. Balaguer, M. Petrovic and E. Tortosa-Ausina:

  • "Which estimator to measure local governments’ cost efficiency? An application to Spanish municipalities", Working Papers, 2017/06, Dpto. Economia, Universitat Jaume I.

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Villar, A.:

  • "Performance, Inclusion and Excellence: An Index of Educational Achievements for PISA", Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 4(3), February, pp. 100-115.

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Forthcoming articles

Abdelsalam, O., M. Duygun, J.C. Matallín and E. Tortosa-Ausina:

  • "Is Ethical Money Sensitive to Past Returns? The Case of Portfolio Constraints and Persistence in Islamic Funds", Journal of Financial Services Research.

Arribas, I., K. Louhichi, A. Perni, J.E. Vila and S. Gómez:

  • "Modelling Farmers’ Behaviour toward Risk in a Large Scale Positive Mathematical Programming (PMP) Model", International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics.

Ayala, Y., J.M. Peiró, N. Tordera, L. Lorente and J. Yeves:

  • "Job Satisfaction and Innovative Performance in Young Spanish Employees: Testing New Patterns in the Happy-", Journal of Happiness Studies.

Burguet, R., J.J. Ganuza and J. García-Montalvo:

  • "The microeconomics of corruption", in Corchón, L. and M.A. Marini (eds.): Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization. Cheltenham (Reino Unido): Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..

Cruz, P., J. Fernández de Guevara and J. Maudos:

  • "Interest rates and net interest margins: the impact of monetary policy", in Chesini, G., E. Giaretta and A. Paltrinieri (eds.): The Business of Banking: Models, Risk and Regulation. Basingstoke (Reino Unido): Palgrave Macmillan.

Fernández de Guevara, J. and J. Maudos:

  • "Competition in the European banking markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis", in Bikker, J.A. and L. Spierdijk (eds.): Research Handbook on Competition in Banking and Finance. Cheltenham (Reino Unido): Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..

Goerlich, F.J.:

  • "Distribución de la renta en España: 2004 – 2013", Semestre económico.

Goerlich, F.J. and I. Cantarino:

  • "Grid poblacional 2011 para España: Evaluación metodológica de diversas posibilidades de elaboración", Estudios Geográficos, Instituto de Economía, Geografía y Demografía - Iegd - CSIC.

Goerlich, F.J., I. Cantarino and E. Gielen:

  • "Clustering cities through urban metrics analysis", Journal of Urban Design.

González, V., J.P. Gamboa and J.M. Peiró:

  • "University Graduates’ Employability, Employment Status, and Job Quality", Journal of Career Development.

Kozusznik, M.W., J.M. Peiró, A. Soriano and M. Navarro:

  • "“Out of Sight, Out of Mind?” The Role of Physical Stressors, Cognitive Appraisal, and Positive Emotions in Employees’ Health", Environment and Behavior.

López, J.F. and A. Escribá:

  • "An upper echelons perspective on information technology business value", European Research on Management and Business Economics.

Pastor, J.M., J.M. Pavia, E. Tortosa-Ausina and L. Serrano:

  • "Rich regions, poor regions and bank branch deregulation in Spain", Regional Studies.

Schreyer, P. and M. Mas:

  • "Measuring health services in the National Accounts: An international perspective", in Aizcorbe, A., C. Baker, E. Berndt and D. Cutler (eds.): Measuring and modeling health care costs. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Seth, S. and A. Villar:

  • "Human Development, Inequality and Poverty: Empirical Findings", in D'Ambrosio, C. (ed.): Handbook of Research on Economic and Social Well-being. Cheltenham (Reino Unido): Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..

  • "The Measurement of Human Development and Poverty", in D'Ambrosio, C. (ed.): Handbook of Research on Economic and Social Well-being. Cheltenham (Reino Unido): Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..