Observatory of Financial integration in Europe

The Observatory of Financial Integration in Europe was carried out by the Ivie and sponsored by the Fundación de Estudios Financieros (Financial Studies Foundation). The research analyses the recent evolution of financial integration, based on the construction of nearly 80 indicators and covering the period 1999-2008.

The Observatory's main objective was to assess whether the Action Plan for Financial Services, implemented in 1999, has led to the integration of a single market, as well as to evaluate its effects on competition, efficiency and economic growth.

The study focuses on the Spanish case and its financial system in a European context. Among the aspects explored are the degree of external openness, internationalization, efficiency, competition and cross-border activity. An estimate is also provided of how the development and integration of European financial markets have affected economic growth since the Action Plan was implemented.The third edition of the Observatory focuses on analyzing the impact of the crisis on financial integration.

The Observatory is based on a system of indicators which is divided in seven thematic areas:

  1. Indicators of financial development
  2. Indicators of financial structure
  3. Indicators of financial integration
  4. Indicators of competition
  5. Indicators of efficiency and productivity
  6. Indicators of payment and settlements
  7. Impact of financial development and financial integration on economic growth

The Observatory of Financial Integration is available on the Fundación de Estudios Financieros. Here you can also consult the Observatory report and the list of indicators on financial integration.

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Recommended citation

Fundación de Estudios Financieros and Ivie (The Valencian Institute of Economic Research). Observatorio sobre la Integración Financiera. May 2012. Database available online: http://www.ivie.es/downloads/integracion/indicadores.pdf