Public health expenditure in Spain

The database Public health expenditure in Spain is a follow-up of two areas of work of the BBVA Foundation-Ivie Research Programme: Health economics and Public expenditure and regional differences of the Spanish public sector. The data bank contains statistical information on public health spending in Spain by regions for the 1991-2010 period.

It is a homogeneous territorial database that supplements those so far offered by the Public Healthcare Expenditure Statistics (EGSP), which are produced by the current Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in collaboration with the autonomous communities. In addition to starting in 1991, the BBVA Foundation-Ivie database offers more detailed regional information than the EGSP, reaches 94% of total public health spending and provides information by public stakeholders. Also, a homogeneous series for the whole period has been constructed.

The database, available on the BBVA Foundation website, contains the following information:

  • Public health expenditure by regions 1991-2010
    • Spain
    • Detailed information per region
  • Supplementary tables
    • GDP, deflators and prices
    • Population projections by region and age
    • Health expenditure profiles
    • Health expenditure evolution

The monograph El sistema sanitario público en España y sus comunidades autónomas: Sostenibilidad y reformas, published in 2013, looks at some of the results of this database.

Recommended citation

BBVA Foundation and Ivie (The Valencian Institute of Economic Research). Gasto sanitario público en España. August 2013. Database available online: http://www.fbbva.es