One of the Ivie's most important areas of work is to create and update various databases and make them available to the scientific community and the general public.

Through this work, the Ivie aims to generate quality statistical data on a range of issues related to the economy and up-to-date information to facilitate decision making. The Institute currently provides twenty-four databases, some of which have been published for over fifteen years, such as Capital Stock and Human Capital. Also, the Ivie has set up further databases: Human Development, Inequality, Social Capital, Migration in the Valencian Region and Observatory of the Transition of Young people into the Labour Market. Recently, the Observatory on Financial Integration in Europe, Life tables for Spain and its Regions, Trade Integration and Intangible assets were added to the database section.

The Ivie also takes part in international projects financed by the European Commission from which several databases have been developed, EU KLEMS project and recently, ICT R&D Macrodata.

Regarding the diagnosis and design of public policies, the Ivie has developed several databases: Regional differences in the Spanish public sector which was launched in late 2011 and Public health expenditure in Spain, set up in 2013. In 2015, data on the public sector was included with the database Basic public services expenditure in Spain.

Several Ivie research projects have their own website such as the ABACO Observatory of Knowledge-Based Activities, U-Ranking and SPINTAN.

These databases can be accessed directly through the Ivie website, or through the websites of the institutions that collaborate with the Ivie in their creation.